Well the verdicts were in, Jonathan and Patrick Roy of the Quebec Remparts are now suspending by the QMHL for the deplorable actions that took place versus Chicoutimi in a game the Remparts were losing 7-1. Suspended for 5 games was father, owner and coach, Patrick Roy while Jonathan Roy was suspended for 7 games. I found the punishments just and properly administered.The real question here is what do American hockey fans think of this whole incident? What does the attention south of the 49th parallel reflect the game that is played here in Canada? How does it affect the junior developmental system ? How are the leagues up here perceived? Let’s face it, trying to bring an casual American hockey fan to love the game is like squeezing water from a rock Death Valley, it’s not going to happen. Not with the way the the NHL and other leagues in operation in the US have been marketing the sport. The business development dollars and marketing dollars are being wasted in terrible markets. Markets that should have major league hockey franchises. Places like Nashville, but yet, we carry on to have a franchise there (that is another story upon itself)
Jonathan Roy
First and foremost, I want to say, this is not a regular occurrence in any of the leagues that comprise the CHL, in my opinion, the best developmental league in the world. Why is it that so many players from Europe and the United States who are aspiring hockey players, play up in Canada? Heck even Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s kid played in the BCHL and tried to hone his skills. I already told you, it’s the best.
Unfortunately for the CHL or any junior hockey league in Canada, when they do receive attention south of the border, it’s usually of the negative sort. Why? It’s because, according to the the ignorance the “Casual American Hockey Fan” was fed through their hockey-ignorant media is that we crazy Canucks only care about hockey and fighting.I don’t believe we should “take fighting out” of the game, I don’t believe it will make a difference. It’s always been part of the sport, they have their penalties and punishments for it.
I am sick and tired of hearing that it’s bad for the game. Frankly, I don’t share that sentiment. Just from a marketing standpoint in the NHL, the anticipation of a fight, gets asses in seats, plain and simple. When we hit that arena, we anticipate a possible fight. I used to look forward to Ed Jovanovski have a go with Jarome Iginla. You want to know what’s really bad for the game? The dirty stick work, cheap shots to the head,intentional injuries on the ice, and worst of all, the hockey-ignorant US media feeding the ignorant mases that this is all that happens in sport. Wrong, watch a season of junior hockey in Canada, it doesn’t always happen like this. Fighting is the least of hockey’s worries, if fact if they get rid of the instigator rule, it’s more likely than not, the dirty play will cease or decrease if people fear that they will called to dance and answer the enforcer.
My take on that, if two guys want to go at it then… drop the gloves, take off the helmet and have a dance. What Jonathan Roy did was forcefully engage Nadeau into a fight. That was wrong and he was punished accordingly. Was anyone hurt? No. Were fans injured? No. Did Jonathan Roy apologize for his actions? Absolutely. Will he do it again, highly unlikely. So how about we give the kid a break and just drop it. As much as I respect Quebec Premier, Jean Charest as a politician, as a hockey fan, I laugh. Let the incident lie and hand out your punishments accordingly.
Who disagrees? I’ll drop ’em, I’ll dance, and I’ll sit in the box for 5 minutes and feel shame.