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Step Up For the Cure- Vancouver

It’s been a while since I last blogged anything. Not since the first round of NHL playoffs were still happening.  I guess I should make a little more time to do so since we are all on well on our way into the cup final.

This blog is a little different folks; this blog is one of greater meaning than the road to Lord Stanley’s Cup. It’s one about an event to help us remember the 11 million people diagnosed in the world with this disease.  It’s one for people to share their tragedies, triumphs and experiences with cancer. People from all walks, all backgrounds, and all age groups came together to Step Up for the Cure at UBC Thunderbird Stadium, on May 24-25 from 12pm to 12pm, 24 hours to remember those that have passed, those that are going through and those affected by cancer.

As I was going through my steps and talking to the other participants during those twenty four hours, all of whom are great individuals, all having their own stories, all having their own experiences and their own meaning for doing this event. Not to mention, all whom were making sure they do their part to Step Up for the Cure I met a group of individuals that not only caught my eye as they were Stepping Up, but they have also captured my heart and my imagination.

Mitch Stevenson, Eric Moore, Sylvia Farr

 I met three youngsters from Victoria, British Columbia. Three young people who had their goals set before they even mapped out their paths on the steps of Thunderbird Stadium. These three walked in with a purpose in mind and they all not only achieved their goals, they exceeded them. I want to recognize Eric Moore, Mitchel Stevenson, and Sylvia Farr. I was honoured to meet three incredible young people that can inspire the whole group the way they did. 

Eric Moore and Mitchel Stevenson have been in contact with Dan Fischer, the founder of Step for the Cure, for over a year and were hoping in conjunction with Dan to get an event going in Victoria but it never came to fruition. When asked how the heard of Step Up for the Cure, both the young men told me they saw Dan on their local news show talk about the Step Up for the Cure event in Montreal last year. They immediately wanted to be a part of it and now they were at UBC Thunderbird Stadium, doing so. 

Both Eric and Mitch are UVIC students. Eric taking Bio-Chemistry and  Mitch taking Bio-Psychology, who both just finished their first year and looking forward to doing more events like STUFC and their goal is to get more people their age to participate in such events.  What really touched me was their road to Step Up- Vancouver.  
Eric, Mitch and their young friend Sylvia Farr, 14, took the earliest ferry from Victoria to Tsawwassen and got on the highway bus to Vancouver and then the UBC bus from Granville Street and Broadway. No older individuals to help them get there, no one but the three of them. They walked into the stadium approximately around 10:30am on May 24th and were more than ready to get going.

When I asked all three of them what inspired them to do this event, it was to do it for the 11 million diagnosed with cancer, a number unfortunately growing daily. When I asked Sylvia if there was anyone else she was thinking of, while doing the event, she answered that it was to show support to her best friend’s mother, Denise, who is living with breast cancer.  Sylvia lives in Denise’s home, and thinks of her as her own mother.

These three rose between them, $736.50. Sylvia rose over $500 of that total.  To communicate her message at this event, Sylvia shaved her hair off, to show her support to those of out there living with cancer. Now as many of you know, we females love our hair and it is our crowning glory. That must have been a difficult thing for this young lady to do, but she showed us, there is more to life.

Eric, Mitchel and Sylvia stayed on all 24 hours, and achieved and exceeded their goals in terms funds raised, steps done. Not only did they exceed their goals, they inspired individuals around them to better their goals, and better their totals for the event. Through aches and pains, battling the heat and sun, and stepping up through injury (Sylvia’s hamstring), these three from beginning to end, have been kept positive and kept everyone else’s spirits high.

I have been inspired many times in my life by many individuals, but specifically for this event, I have never seen such purity from the heart until I met Mitch, Eric and Sylvia. Thank you from my heart, for giving me one of the most positive experiences from the inaugural Step Up for the Cure- Vancouver.  I am sure, there were many, if not all of us, that were there that want to thank you for those exact same reasons.

You three are an inspiration not only to your peers but to many individuals like me.

Thank you.

Justine Galo AKA The Broad.


Special Shout Outs to Daniel Fischer, Step Up for the Cure, Cancer Research Society, all the participants and volunteers this past weekend at UBC Thunderbird Stadium.

Info for Step Up For the Cure  please email info@stepupforthecure.com

To donate to Step Up for the Cure Click Here.