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Welcome to Vancouver Pavel, I mean, Pavol Demitra. Well it was probably the worst kept secret of all the UFAs rumoured to sign with a team this year so far. Demitra is now officially a Canuck. It was just a matter of time and details. It wasn’t the shock of shocks when Marian Hossa left Pittsburgh’s bigger offer to opt to try a shot at the cup with, out of all teams the Detroit Red Wings, the eventually Stanley Cup Champions.

In fact, Demitra was rumoured to be in Vancouver during the trade deadline last year, well, that didn’ t happen and we all know what happened from there.

Former Canuck and St Louis Blue, Geoff Courtnall praised the play of former teammate Demitra in Vancouver’s The Province paper today. Saying his is a fine skater and would be an asset to any team he signs with. I say, I am just glad the Canucks GM is addressing issues the team lacked. That RW RH shot that they’ve been desperately looking for the last few seasons. How does one elude the team for so long? I’m not quite sure but perhaps not having enough chips to play with had something to do with that.

Well, Canucks finally signed the worst kept UFA secret of the year and are still hopeful to bring in Mats Sundin into the fold. With the recent signing of Pavol, will Mats be enticed to come to Vancouver and centre a man who can pot a few in? Mats was making Nik Antropov look good in Toronto, I think he can make Pavol an all-star. Who know’s maybe Pavol’s good friend and disgruntled Wild player, Marion Gaborik could see himself in a Canuck uni as well.

Is Pavol Demitra the carrot to dangle to get other player to Vancouver? Maybe not, but he’s a start. What I would like to see is Demitra come to form and play like he did with the Blues, and score a few more than expected. Also, maybe he can lend his body to the soul Pavel Bure circa 1994. That would be a nice hockey god, pipe dream. I’m happy with this signing. Good terms, good length of contract, and a pretty good player in return.

Canucks have a world-class goaltender in Luongo, the play of the twins, and now a scoring RW in Demitra…Mats, that’s more than what you had in Toronto. Whaddya say buddy? Coming?
That’s been a view from a broad, a not too distant perspective.

The Broad

Pavol with his lovely wife at the NHL awards