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Ah the most sought after NHL UFA left, is Mats Sundin. Where is he going to end up? Is he going to retire? We’re just a few days away from knowing that answer, hockey fans.

I’m pretty excited. I am hoping for the best as a Canucks fan, but I’m also very realistic in what I know of Mats’ character.

So I say to you, Mats Sundin, please come to Vancouver and legitimize my hockey team!

Mats, what a great offer from Vancouver. Two years at 10 million a year! I don’t think there is an NHL club that’s willing to say “We want you this much Mats!” I really believe Mats, you could make a difference on the Vancouver team.

Let me see what we have for you.

We have a good core defensive unit. They are good enough to help keep the opposition at bay (when all healthy) and a few can readily score from the blue line, when called upon.

We have a world class goaltender in Roberto Luongo who can steal games and is one of the best in the biz.

Vancouver itself as a city, is scenically appealing. It’s also the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. It’s a world class city, with a bastion of multiculturalism and not to mention some great dining from all parts of the world.

As fans, we maybe fickle, but we know a winner when we see one. Mats, you’re that winner.

I believe just in having you here in Vancouver, you can turn around the morale, the outlook of this team, and give this team the offensive prowess we are craving for as fans and management alike.

I understand you’re a man of character and need to assess all your options. You have to do what’s best for Mats Sundin and Mats Sundin’s loved ones. I also understand the need to win. Mats, you have been a great leader in the Toronto Maple Leafs organization. You have been instrumental in any of the successes the team has achieved during your tenure and most of all, you’ve embraced the fans and the city as your own.

We’d love for you to do that in Vancouver. Replicate your personal success here, and help this franchise achieve greater success with your presence. Mats, you’re our man. We hope we’re your team.
That’s a view from A Broad, a not too distant perspective.
The Broad

PS, I’ll buy you a whale’s tail (Think Churro)