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Ah the sports world this summer has been a bit of a let down. Especially to us hockey fans, no news of big signings and dealings i in the month of August. Oh well, at times, that’s the way the ball bounces.

I want to announce to everyone that I still will be blogging here for A View from A Broad, your female perspective in sports, but I will also be blogging for HockeyPrimeTime.com as their Vancouver Canucks Fan Correspondent. I’m very excited about this venture and I want to thank everyone at Hockey Prime Time for inviting me into their fold. A special thanks out to Chris Brownestone, who is the director of HPT’s Fan Correspondents.

Just a couple of things to let you all know that I am enjoying my summer, but I do miss the beginning of fall and excitedly awaiting both the NFL kickoff and the NHL’s puck drop.

First I am now a resident of Chicago, IL. I am excited for my new city because it could be an intra-city World Series. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I wonder how torn the peripheral fans are in the Chi-town. As for me, although I am not a fan of either the Cubs or the Sox, I’d probably cheer for the North Side Cubs due to the geography of where I am located in the city. Besides, as pathetic as my team is in the Majors, I will forever be a Mariners fan, can’t cheer for another AL team if that is the case! I urge Mariners management to not waste the talent of Ichiro Suzuki. If they don’t start winning, he’s done in the Emerald City.

Second, as Canucks fans, Leafs fans and other Mats Sundin suitors alike, I just want to say, “Mats, hurry already!” It would be nice to know at least a couple of weeks prior to the start of training camp your long pondered decision. Also if you do decide to retire Mats, please don’t pull a Favre. It wouldn’t be very becoming of you.

I’m also very pumped about the NFL this season. I can’t wait to see how Jason Taylor dances his way in the heart of Redskins fans all over DC! I’m in anticipation for “The Cutter” to make his mark with the Denver Broncos. Cutler could have a make or break year. Besides the Brett Favre circus in Greeen Bay, I can’t wait to see how Eli Manning handles himself as well. Superbowl champ and all, Eli, have you improved? I hope so. What a great win last year. Maybe we there is a possibility of the Manning Bowl? Who knows?!

Well this edition of A View From a Broad is short and sweet and making a few announcements and shout outs to those aforementioned.

There you have it, A View from a Broad, a not too distant perspective.
The Broad