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The Vancouver Canucks named their captain, and I can’t really say I am surprised. Ok, maybe a little. Goaltender Roberto Luongo has been named the 12th Canucks Captain in their 38 year history. It’s an unorthodox’ed move, but ultimately the right one.

Roberto Luongo is chosen as the Vancouver Canucks 12th Captain in team history.

Roberto Luongo is chosen as the Vancouver Canucks 12th Captain in team history.

I was banking on the local boy, Willie Mitchell was going to be named the next Captain. It made sense. He was from BC, he plays with a lot of heart and has a great demeanor in being named Captain Canuck. My second choice would have been Ryan Kelser, who has in every year he has played in the Canucks’ organization, has improved his game, his ability to handle the media and also step it up when it is called up.

So Roberto Luongo hey? I can see it. I can see as to why Canucks’ GM Mike Gillis and head coach Alain Vigneault said he was the perfect choice to succeed Markus Naslund. Roberto is a fierce competitor. He was already a very vocal leader in the dressing room and his confidence oozes out in his game. He is a great choice. Sure you may all think I am biased because I am a Canucks fan. Why not? They are my team!

As Mike Gillis told columnist Jason Botchford of the Vancouver Province, and I quote, “This guy is the right age, and it’s the right time in his career. We believe he is the best goaltender in the league. His commitment level is unprecedented. He’s the guy who’s here every day. We thought he’d be a great example for the younger players so they knew, hey, this guy is the captain of this team.” What other choice really did the Canucks have? Roberto exemplifies all those qualities and then some.

Unconventional? Yes. Deserved? Absolutely.

The Canucks wanted to recognize who their leader was, and they did it with a Bang-o.

I can’t wait to see how the team responds. Although many critics and hockey aficionados have written the Canucks off from the playoff hunt this season, I’d love for Captain Lu to lead his team to winning ways.

This has been A View From A Broad, a not too distant perspective.

Justine Galo


Chicago, IL