Perhaps I am too competitive and expect a winner to get his/her just due. Perhaps I should adopt the elementary school “Participation warrants merit” credo.  I’m a mom, I believe that all kids that try out for a sport should be commended. I think it’s a great thing to reward people for trying. I just don’t believe that should be part of the professional hockey world, or any professional sport for that matter.  The players get rewarded with their salaries and that’s more than enough. What I am getting at here is that I don’t like the NHL rewarding teams for losing. Getting a point in overtime/shootout for losing because you couldn’t get the job done in regulation is nothing to me but a bunch of BS.

I am looking at the standings right now and I am seeing teams with less wins have higher point totals than teams that haven’t lost or gone into overtime.  How is it right?  How can a team who has earned their two points during regulation and have more wins than a team that has won one or two less games have either the same amount of points or more points be right? It’s not. It’s a flawed system.

It’s been a debate for years now, but Gary Bettman and the NHL committee don’t seem to mind their flawed system.  Unfortunately for them, many NHL fans, like myself do.  So why not change it? Why not award teams for getting it done? Why reward teams who lose anything at all? As aforementioned, I believe in professional sports, a losing team’s players get rewarded enough via salary compensation.

I’m sure many of you are going to debate with me, “Well they fought so hard to come back and send it into OT!” So what? It makes for a more exciting hockey game in the late stages yes, but it does undermine the fact that teams that DON’T go get past regulation and either lose or win are getting anything for just as entertaining of a game! Losing is losing in professional sports, it should not be rewarded.

So, why not try out a new point system? There have been talks amongst various groups, media types, bloggers, and the NHL committee itself to rectify this problem. There are some suggestions and solutions to this. For example, how about rewarding teams that win in regulation three points. That way it’s saying they got it done in the allotted amount of time during the game. Give the winning team in regular overtime, two points for a win and in a shootout, one point.  The losing team, in my opinion, should not be rewarded any points.

In rewarding a loser in overtime or shootout, it would be like paying someone who was doing the job but just didn’t finish it.  Paying a contractor to layout the foundation but you had to finish the last part of the house.  It doesn’t make sense.

I hope the NHL does rectify their current point system. It would be ashame to see teams that have less wins than another get into the playoffs due to losing in overtime.  Oh wait, that’s already happened. Something needs to be done.
That’s a view from a broad, a not too distant perspective.

Justine Galo

Chicago, IL