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First off I want to apologize to all readers and fellow columnists alike, I have neglected A View From A Broad due to an excruciating work schedule  these past few weeks, which had me standing in front of a classroom trying to teach students like I knew something. *wink* But I am back ready to get back to what I love talking about the most, NHL hockey and mainly the Vancouver Canucks.

Wellwood playing like an All Star

Wellwood playing like an All Star

So who would have thunk it? Who would have thought Mr. “I cleared waivers due to poor diet and lazy reputation” Wellwood, would be the Canucks leading goal scorer? Not me. I was banking on a battle between Raymond and Daniel Sedin, or even perhaps Pavol Demitra, but Wellwood? Inconceivable.

Much to the suprise of his coaches, the media, the fans and perhaps even his teammates, Kyle Wellwood has stepped it up and performing like a budding superstar. At the start of the pre-season, Kyle didn’t come into camp in shape, in fact he was an estimated 15-20lbs overweight.  The biggest concern about his lack of conditioning was the lack of work ethic there was to improve it.  So the management and coaching staff sent Wellwood to Winnipeg to join the Moose.

As an act of fate, Pavol Demitra got injured, Wellwood was given his opportunity to shine.  With eight goals and one helper and a shooting percentage of 32%, after 14 games with the big club, Kyle Wellwood has earned his roster spot. I am assuming that being sent down the Manitoba Moose, Wellwood thought his NHL career was over. His reputation that preceded him, he lived up to it,  and it was all said and he was doomed to the AHL lights at the MTS Centre.

Nice way to end a promising NHL career, and a life of “what ifs”. Not this time. Wellwood wasn’t even the first call up from Manitoba, and he had to clear waivers before he got called up. Pettinger was given the green light from Canuck Management, but was picked up on the waiver wire, Wellwood wasn’t. Looking back, the Vancouver Canucks were lucky to that no one wanted an out-of-shape and pressumably lazy Wellwood. He filled in and started scoring almost immediately.
The inspiring play of Wellwood has also sparked his team to play better. I guess with his good play, he woke up the sleeping scoring giants (Daniel and Henrik) to pick up their game and make sure Kyle doesn’t steal their playing time. Also, let’s not forget the play of Demitra since coming back from injury. He has been on fire as well.  I’m saying that seeing Kyle Wellwood as possible threat to his job with the Canucks, Demitra has also found his groove and finally fitting into the Canucks offence.

Wellwood has shown that he is deserving his salary, his spot on the roster and possibly a new reputation.  He’s a player with good hands, good movement, and vision on the ice. It was a matter of his want to play at the NHL level, that was always his achilles heel.  Now perhaps Wellwood will rely more on his hard work than his natural talent and make an impact throughout the rest of the season for the Vancouver Canucks and prove all his naysayers wrong.
This is A View From A Broad, a not too distant perspective.
Justine Galo

Chicago, IL


PS, Mike Gillis, not bad for a million buck eh?