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Canucks Christmas

Canucks Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the Garage
Not a feature was playing, no video montage.
The stands were all empty and the ice rink was bare,
In hopes that Lord Stanley soon would be there.

The players were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of playoff runs danced in their heads.
And Mike Gillis still has room to fiddle with the cap,
He had just signed Sundin to fill in the gap.

While out on the bench no sticks to make clatter,
No Hordichuk checking, no making the glass shatter.
No Demitra skating by a d-man in a flash,
No goal song is playing, no tickets for cash.

Production crew off-set, no one manning the show
No fans up high in the stands, no fans down below.
No Ohlund and Salo for opponents to fear,
No Kevin Bieksa with his mean glare and sneer.

No sight of Ryan Kesler , so agile and quick,
I don’t see Willie Mitchell, the man with big stick.
More rapid than eagles his Bauers they came,
And he shucked and he jived, Mason Raymond by name!

“Now Daniel! now, Henrik! now, Rypien and Yannick!
Go Taylor ! Go, Brownie! Opposition in panic!
To the top of the crease, all balls to the wall!
Now hit away! Shoot away! Score away all!”

As up to the rafters we look, once 12 solo did it fly,
Linden’s 16 has joined him, up in the General Motor sky.
So up to the house-top, the broadcast booth we stew,
Yapping with Shorty and Tom, oh, John Garrett too.

And then, in an instant, MG raised the roof
Sundin was a Nuck! His contract was proof.
Staving off critics and all media hounds
Canucks with Mats are sure playoff bound!

Burrows was dressed all in gear, from his head to his foot,
Fighting in the corners, his jersey all dirty with soot.
A bundle of tricks he flung out of his on his sack,
Kyle Wellwood is scoring, Oh yes Leaf fans, he’s back!

MacLean’s eyes-how they twinkled! His smile is so merry!
Hosting duties are shared with that man, Don Cherry!
PJ and Kelly keeping us all in the know
While Strachan and Mad Mike go blow for blow!

“Go out there and get’em” AV did he preach
Ryan Walter and Rick Bowness, the lines they did teach!
Sanford and Son, to take between the pipes.
While our Captain battle with his groin that did gripe!

No Bernier battling through the crowd and shooting top shelf,
I’m not hooting and hollering, in spite of myself!
In a wink of an eye and a strange twist of fate
I was at the Garage at the newly renamed gate.

The stands were all full, many months passed us by,
And all of a sudden it was hockey in July!
Visions of battered faces and a bloody red nose,
Luongo our Captain, to the occasion he rose!

With the sound of the horn and the blow of the whistle,
Bone crunching sounds along with the stretch of the gristle.
I’ll see you on Robson with foamy head pucks!
“Maybe Lord Stanley will be there with the Vancouver Canucks!”

Merry Christmas everyone.

A View from a Broad, a not too distant perspective.
Justine Galo