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Mats Sundin with a lower body injury

Mats Sundin with a lower body injury

Mats Sundin is most likely not going to play tonight in Game 4 against The St. Louis Blues.  He is day to day with a lower body injury and as the Canucks did find a way to beat the Blues in Game 3,  he will most likely rest up for the possible next round match up.

Mats Sundin has been an integral part of the Canucks’ success in the latter part of the season in this blogger’s opinion.  Mats has shown leadership in making Demitra and Kesler better players with him in the line up. Let’s not forget the value he brings into the locker room culture.  Mats Sundin is a leader and his stats and respect from his teammates and former teammates speaks volumes. How valuable is Mats in the line-up? More than we, the fans, see.

I’m not going to blow smoke up Mats’ ass and say he is just as good as he was a few years ago, but I don’t think the Big Swede is done.   I think that Mats Sundin has yet to bring the best of Mats Sundin to the ice.

People are arguing if the Canucks go deeper into the playoff rounds that Mats’ old body won’t be able to handle it.  I beg to differ.  I think that the further the Canucks make it down the playoffs, I think is when Mats Sundin is going to play more like well…Mats Sundin. Captain Clutch is what they called him in Leafland, where I reside, and past events have shown Mats Sundin plays his best hockey when the pressure is on.

Other Tidbits

Taylor Pyatt’s name has been circulating in rumours of making a return to the Canucks roster for the next round as well.  Now this is great news for the Canucks.  After the tragedy in Taylor’s life, it might do him some good to be back doing what he loves, playing hockey.  He would be a welcomed addition.  His presence on the PK is missed.  As much as I have enjoyed seeing Ryan Johnson doing what he can to help out the team, there is no question in my mind Pyatt would boost it even more.

Tonight, the Vancouver Canucks can do what they have yet to do as a franchise and that is sweep a seven game series. The all important Game 4. Will the fat lady be singing tonight for the St Louis Blues? Maybe. It would a calculated impossibility for the Canucks to lose four straight to the St. Louis Blues with Roberto Luongo playing the way he has been, as well as the team finding ways to win.

As many have said, “It ain’t over till it’s over” “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” Etc etc etc.  So I won’t, but I will start planning my trips to round 2 if and when the Canucks dismiss the Blues. Just in case.

This has been A View From a Broad, a not to distant perspective.

Justine Galo

PS I want to send out a quick shout to the wonderful posters of Canucks Corner.com and the man behind the scenes, Brian Wawryshyn for providing Canucks fans from all over the globe a great place to congregate, and discuss your Vancouver Canucks.  Great job, Brian and crew, it’s my home away from home. Check out Lotus Blossom’s blog on there as well and of course the famous Tom Benjamin’s NHL Blog on the Vancouver Canucks.