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Alex Burrows OT goal sweeps the St. Louis Blues

Alex Burrows OT goal sweeps the St. Louis Blues

In the famous words of House of Pain “Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin!”– The Vancouver Canucks did what they have never done in their 38 year history.  They swept a seven game series.  In the dying seconds of overtime, Alexandre Burrows took a pass and shot it five-hole on Chris Mason ending the Blues playoff dreams at the Scott Trade Center last night.

Although the series score was 4 games to none, I’d like to point out that the series was a slightly closer than that indicates.  The Blues did give the Canucks their all, but unfortunately for them, it wasn’t enough. The Vancouver Canucks, dug deep, and said, “We’re the better team, let’s do it and win.”

Many fans have posted, said, and commented about the Blues not deserving a sweep. Excuse me? They don’t deserve a sweep?  They brought their best and again like it has been aforementioned, they didn’t manage a win out of ‘their best’. I may seem like a heartless Canucks fan when I say this, but the Canucks are the third seed in the Western Conference, what would make anyone think they got there “accidentally”?  Maybe, just maybe, the Vancouver Canucks are just that good? The Blues ‘deserved’ to be swept, like the Columbus Blue Jackets do if Detroit can and will mostly do so.

This is playoff hockey. The Canucks did everything they could to get this series out of the way.  I do not in any way ‘feel sorry’ for the St. Louis Blues. Am I supposed to?  Is there a written doctrine that I needed to read and feel that they deserved a better fate than what was served to them by Roberto Luongo and the Vancouver Canucks?  Not that I can recall.  I’m not St. Louis played ‘bad hockey’. They had their chances and they didn’t capitalize.  It doesn’t help the Blues’ cause that Roberto Luongo had puck radar this series.

Chris Mason was out-dueled but Luongo, and the Blues big guns decided to start pouring on the pressure a little too late. Sure there was posts and cross bars hit, but the Canucks hit a few of those on their own as well.  Let’s not discount the fact the Blues special teams who have fared so well in the regular season didn’t  translate their formula into the series. Either that or maybe a combination of Vancouver’s stellar PK units doing their job and hunkering down when it counts.

Where To Go From Here

For the Blues

The St. Louis Blues can take this series of as a lesson to bring on their A-Game from all aspects into the playoffs.  They have a good young core of players, either drafted or acquired, who can take this experience and build their hockey acumen. Mix in some veteran leadership and you have a pretty good hockey team.  Just like the Chicago Blackhawks last year, the St. Louis Blues will have a great and bright future.  The acquisition of John Davidson as their President has been nothing but good for the organization and the city.  Hockey is again alive and well in St. Louis, which was much better than when I was at a game in January ’08 and only about 9000 fans showed up to the arena.

For the Canucks
A much needed time to rest the injuries and wait for the next round opponent.  That 7-10 days they are going to be resting,  it will help heal wounds, strengthen the weaknesses of their game and to focus on the task at hand, 12 more victories.  It has also shown doubters that the Vancouver Canucks are in fact, for real. I think they already knew that, it just took some time for the masses out there to buy into the program.  They are playing good hockey all around. They are scoring, they are defending and their goaltender is making a case for the starting job in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

All that being said and done. All we can do as Canucks is wait, and wait and wait until the round 2 brackets are set.   It’s a strange feeling as some have said, but it’s a good one to have as well.

I’ll keep you all posted on tidbits of what I see from the other playoff series going on, but my next big contribution will be at the start of Round 2. So until then, this has been A View From A Broad, a not too distant perspective.

Justine Galo

Addition: For those of you that don’t know I do write another Canucks blog. It’s with Canucks Corner. And it’s called “Musings from the Mud” written by yours truly “Lotus Blossom”.  Check out the Canucks Corner Front page and give it a read.  Right now, it’s Alex Burrows: Working Class Hero.  Canucks Corner is a great group of Canucks fans and discuss hockey related topics.  If you’re a Canucks fan, or want to learn more about the Vancouver Canucks through their fans, it’s a great place to congregate.