Who’s The Broad?

Justine Galo is a family lady who loves to write about sports, life and her journeys through it.



6 thoughts on “Who’s The Broad?”

  1. The Broad is a hottie and sports smart! 🙂

  2. When I can get out west again, you and yours can show me and Mariko a great time some good blues and seafood! Later jeff

  3. Mats' Cousin said:

    I’d rather have a date than a Whale’s Tail!

  4. Hey Justine,

    love your blog!

    I would like to include it as a part of http://www.canucks.com/fanzone
    We are featuring a directory of the best of Canucks fan sites, blogs etc.

    Please email me and i’ll let you know how to get involved!

  5. Awesome job Justine!!!! Going to add your site asa a link.

  6. Hey Justine…if you’re still around, drop me a line. I want to see what your blog plans are for the upcoming year. Thanks!

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